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Here are some stories that I wrote that I hope you read and enjoy!

file000520291574My Winter Break

Is your Christmas full of 20+ screaming cousins? Does your Christmas have major wrapping paper ball fights? Do you have family pictures, and every year some children are screaming and crying because of them? If that is the case, you probably felt just the same as I did this past Christmas. Overwhelmed.

It was Christmas Eve morning at my Grandma’s house. I awoke to the wonderful smell of chicken noodle soup. Aww! That smells so delicious!! I walked down the stairs to find boxes of cookies, jello jigglers, cupcakes, and of course chicken noodle soup. My Grandma saw me, and said “ Good morning, saphead!”. I looked at her and smiled.  “ Good morning, Grandma!’’ I replied. I went back upstairs to get a blanket because I was freezing cold. The moment I was at the top of the stairs, I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. A big Christmas tree with dozens and dozens of presents under it!

I went downstairs to eat breakfast which was blueberries, sausage, and a sugar cookie. After I was done, I went upstairs again to get ready. Once I was ready I was about to go downstairs when I thought  Maybe just one little tiny peek at the presents won’t hurt. So I walked over to the tree, and saw a giant present with my name on it. I wanted so badly to touch it, but I heard someone coming upstairs. I quickly dove behind a love seat, and waited. That someone said,” Ariana! Where are you?” That voice belonged to my mother. ” Over here! I’m behind the love seat. You scared the living daylights out of me!” I replied. ” Well, come downstairs, and quit fooling around, and you better not have been looking at the presents!” ” Wouldn’t dream of it.” I muttered to myself.

People were starting to show up, and I was thinking about what could be in it. It was killing me not to know what it was. So I walked up to my Grandma and asked her the most foolish thing ever, ” Grandma? What is in the giant present for me under the tree?” she replied with, ” Ariana Cecelia! I am not telling you what is under that wrapping, and you know you should be no where near those presents!” ” I know.” I said sulking. But I quickly recovered when I saw my uncle come in with 2 big baskets of sandwiches.  ” That is a TON of sandwiches!” I exclaimed. ” Sure is.” he replied.

Now my Grandma’s  house was full of people. I squeezed my way to the kitchen where people were trying to get food. I asked my Grandma, ” When are we going to open the presents?” Then Grandma said ” After everyone eats, and not everybody is here.” Not everybody is here?! Who else is there?! I walked into the toy room which was basically a madhouse. The floor was nowhere in sight. All of my 6-11 year old cousins were fighting, throwing, or screaming. I quickly turned around changing my mind about going in there. I quietly walked up the stairs with my book, and sat down in front of the Christmas tree and started to read.

I must have dozed off because I sat up as quick as lightning when I heard what sounded like a stampede coming up the stairs. I knew at that very second it was time to open presents. I get a front row seat! Awesome! After everyone was seated my Grandma started handing out the presents to everyone. Suddenly the loud sounds of ripping filled the room. 30 seconds later I heard my name being called. ” Ariana? Where are you?” “I’m right here Grandma!” I shouted. Grandma handed my the present. It was the big present! I quickly ripped it open, and a huge, fluffy reading pillow! Then I opened a Justice box, and found the cutest pair of cowgirl boots. ” Hooray!” I screamed. I ripped box after box until there were no more presents left.

Then right next to me I heard someone scream, ” Ouch!!” Oh no! I have to get out of here! That very second, I knew the WRAPPING PAPER BALL FIGHT HAD BEGUN! I picked up some wrapping paper, wadded it up, and threw it as hard as I could. Suddenly the room had become a complete madhouse of wrapping paper. Once I got a piece of wrapping paper in my mouth. After 10 minutes, the room was starting to be cleaned. Then came the pictures. All of the grandchildren sat in front of the tree together. Then came the flashing. Little kids started screaming and crying. Then there were the family pictures. My Mom, my Dad, my little sister, and I. We stood in front of the tree for a minute while we got our pictures taken. Finally it was all over. People went home. I relaxed. ” Today was a good day.” I said.

Sure that day was overwhelming, and crazy. But that day was a pretty awesome and fun day too.

gatorgrabAn Alligator Attack


Just recently, a man who was out fishing at the Greenlake Lake was attacked by a 10 foot alligator! Luckily, he was not harmed by the alligator. We are going to get a little bit more information from witnesses and the victim.

There are 3 witnesses, and the DAILY PRESS has gotten information from all of them. The first witness is a fifty year old man named, Joe. Here’s what Joe had to say,” I was just walkin’ along the side of the river, and I noticed something unusual, there was a ton of ripples in the lake. Normally, no one goes on the lake ‘cause it is so dirty, but I saw the ripples lead to a man. I saw that man that earlier. He was just fishing. Except now he was being attacked by a giant 10 foot gator! I went to get help which was at least half a mile away, but I had my bike and I rode away for help. By the time I got back the man in the boat was gone. I knew he had been saved and that’s the end.”

The second witness is a 36 year old woman named, Juliana. Here’s what Juliana had to say,” I was riding my bike around the lake when I heard someone scream for help. I immediately ran to where I heard the scream. When I found the the person who screamed, I screamed myself. I saw a giant alligator attacking a man. Before I knew it I had jumped into the water and started to swim toward the boat. The man pulled me into the boat and we were both screaming for help. Then the alligator started to get into the flimsy boat. I don’t remember anything else after that because I think I fainted.”

The last witness is a 10 year old girl named, Kate. Here’s what Kate had to say,” I was sitting on the bench outside of house throwing bread crumbs to ducks while my mom was inside doing work. It was about 80 degrees outside, and I was starting to burn up. I went inside and put my bathing suit on. Then I ran outside and jumped into the water. When I was in the water, I saw the most horrifying thing, a man and a woman being attacked by a giant ALLIGATOR! I ran inside to get my mom, she called 911. I ran back outside and started picking up a bunch of rocks. I started to throw the rocks at the alligator to distract it. Then the ambulance came and took the man in the boat away. That is the end.”

Finally, here’s what our 36 year old victim named John had to say,” I was just sitting in my boat, when something started shaking my boat. Then an alligator started to jump in my boat! I started poking it down with my fishing pole. Then suddenly, this woman is in my boat. I think she was trying to help but we both started screaming for help. Then to make things better,  the woman fainted! I looked all around and saw a girl throwing rock at the alligator. Then an ambulance came and fought of the alligator, and the woman and I were taken to the hospital. That is the end of my story.”

There you have it everyone, that is a story of a real live alligator attack.

by: Ariana Cecelia       Diary From the New World

November 17, 1620

I left my former home in England for one major reason. My family left England because the King corrupted our religious beliefs. If we didn’t follow the King’s beliefs, then we would be committing treason. So we left England, and became separatists. We sailed to Plymouth, and now we can follow our own beliefs without committing treason.

July 7, 1627

I have a lot to learn here at Plymouth Colony. I as a girl, have to stay with my mother, and learn to do what she does. I learn how to keep a house, cook, clean, take care of a family, and tend to a garden. The boys go with their fathers and learn their trade. They learn about the militia, how to work the tools, and how to use the weapons. It doesn’t seem like much, but these tasks keep everyone pretty busy.

June 14, 1620

There are a lot of useful items here at Plymouth Colony. The men carry their own items which are: cutlasses, muskets, helmets, and they wear breastplates. In my house I have a fireplace, hearth, pots and pans, chests for clothing, a couple of beds, and some stools. We eat with forks and have cups made of cow horns, and plates made of pewter. The tools the men use are thwart saws, froe, beetle, wood, and clay. We use those items usually to tend to our homes. These items are all very useful.

September 5, 1625

I make medicines from many different herbs. I get lilies from my garden and crush them up with olive oil, and then I let it sit in the sun. This concoction helps very well with headaches. Sometimes to make medicine I have to take herbs, or roots, and boil them. This kind of medicine has to be drunk by the person. Herbs are very important to us. I prepare a variety of foods to eat. I get a lot of fruits and vegetables from my garden, and we eat them in salads. To get meat, we slaughter our own animals, so we eat a lot of white meat. We also get eggs from our chickens, and milk from our cows. Sugar is too expensive to get from England, but we have plenty of food to eat here.

May 3, 1621

Our relationship with the Indians is very peaceful. I am one of the men who signed the Mayflower Compact, so I know for myself that the Indians most likely will not bring harm to us. When we first arrived in Plymouth, times were hard because it was so cold, and the Indians gave us food, and helped us build our homes. They also showed us how to grow crops. If the Indians ever posed a threat to us, the militia would defend our colony. We hold a steady relationship with the Indians.

December 10, 1623


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