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Here are reviews for some movies!

Gods of EgyptGods of Egypt

13% Rotten Tomatoes     23% Metacritic

I would not recommend you watch this movie. The dialogue is very poor because the characters say things that are very obvious, and the lines aren’t very well thought out. The plot also makes no sense. The god, Horus, gets his throne, and eyes ripped from him by the evil god, Set. Set enslaves all of Egypt, and treats it poorly. Then Horus and a mortal named, Bek, wander around trying to save Egypt. Then Bek’s friend dies, and they begin a second quest to save her before she is permanently dead. But, somehow in the end Egypt is saved. This whole movie was very bad, and unnecessarily loud. So do not watch it.


dark knight 2The Dark Knight

94% Rotten Tomatoes     82% Metacritic

I would very much recommend this to someone. I love this action-packed movie, and Batman is already one of my favorites so if you add a modern twist to the original, then it would be amazing, and that is what the Dark Knight is! The plot is so mysterious and suspenseful you are so anxious to see what happens next. Batman against Joker in this movie is just ultimate! The dialogue is very well thought out, and mysterious so you kind of get mislead. Then, when you think one thing is about to happen, something else even better happens! Which means this movie isn’t really predictable. I would recommend you watch this movie, and maybe the other movies in the series!


  1. I do very much of the Batman movie .

  2. I to would very much recommend the batman movie because I love it!!!!🤗😇

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